During the festival, important organists participated: Lehotka Gabor (organ professor at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt from Budapesta), Jean Luc Salique (France), Horst Gehann, Franz Metz, Dieter Hubov (Germany), Dalibor Miklavicih (Slovenia),  as well as prestigious organists of  Romania like: Hans Echardt Schalnd, Ursula Philippi, Felician Rosca, Erich Turch, Molnar Tunde, Steffen Schandt.

The Timorgelfest Festival Edition of 2009, was held  between  22 september -  22 octomber. In  this edition there have been several important events like: the Contemporary Organ  Music Contest, the Tour of  Concerts in Hungary and Austria sustained by students from the organ class of Timisoara, or the concerts with the participation of famous organists like: Massimo Nosetti (Italy), Pierre Zevort (France),  Laszlo Csanadi  (professor at Faculty of Music from Szeged – Hungary),  Zoltan  Borbely,  Maria Abrudan.

The 2009 Timorgelfest edition was a jubilee edition. It was presented in first audition, the Requiem of Maurice Durufle, and in first audition in Timisoara, Concert for organ and orchestra by Francis Poulenc. Soloist was Felician Rosca and conductor Cristian Ciuca (France).

The soloists account of the festival was: Jacque Boucher ( Canada), Bert den Hertog (Netherlands), David Scott Hamnes (Norway), Janos Palur  (Hungary).

The 2011 Edition marked the international year Franz Liszt. International soloists were: Gedmin Grubba (Poland), Wolfgang Bretschneider (Germany) and Felician Rosca (Romania).

During the festival, it was organized the European Hymnology Society Congress attended by over 90 poets, priests, pastors and muzicologists, interested in the field of publishing and research of religious hymns.

The 2012 Edition of Timorgelfest was dedicated to the French Music for Organ. In the opening of the festival, it was presented, in first audition, a composition of Alexander Graur (Italy).

The concert was followed by other concerts sustained by Jean Paul Imbert, Carolin Schuster Fournier, Jean Galard,  Felician Rosca, Pierre Zevort, Simona Fruscela. Also in this perioud, were held conferences and master classes.

Timorgelfest is the most important festival of organ music from the West of Romania. Every year, this festival is dedicated to the culture related to organ music, well-defined both as value and organ performers.

This year, the 2013 Timorgelfest festival is dedicated to spanish music. Timorgelfest Festival 2013 has 29 concerts. Festival takes place from 11 september to 30 october. The Festival will be sustained on 3 locations, 3 organs from Timisoara, valuable instruments, with different structure, which cover the entire musical style from Baroque perioud till contemporary and modern music.
In the 2014 edition we want to organize a more far-reaching festival. Already some concert organists of South America (Argentina), Canada and Australia have confirmed their presence. That is why we would like also Asia to be a part of our festival, to have the presence of concert organists from South Korea. We are glad to collaborate with you and we hope that this plan become a reality.

Project Director
PhD. Felician Rosca

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